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Changing IPs

Pingas x posted Dec 27, 13
Having some short downtime. Cya soon =D

Note: IP did NOT change:)

bloxrocks789 you dont just do /register password comfirmpassword then /login password no whitelist
comicrr How do you get whitelisted for the server?
Hey Guys! I'd love to announce that Galaxy is now finished! We have added things like a new spawn, new plugins, etc. Me and Houls have worked very hard on this so we hope you enjoy! :)
mesterkrisz1 sziasztok megkérdezhetem hogy hol lehet letölteni a galaxy MCT

The Server Is Live!!

Pingas x posted Aug 30, 13
Hey Guys, I'd like to announce that the server is live! 

 We have some new features like 
 - Spawn
 - Vaults for Lord+
 - Obby Breaker (Obsidian breaks in 5 hits of TnT)
Thanks for all your patience throughout this reset and we hope you enjoy everything!

Server Reset

Pingas x posted Aug 20, 13
Hello everyone,

Sorry for the inconvenience but we will be having a map reset next week. 

  More Information

 - Everything is going to be reset! Donators will be getting their one time kit back although some of the donation perks will be changed so do not expect the same exact one time kit.

 - Do not ask staff about anything "special" for the reset because you will be denied.

 - One person will not change the fact of the reset. The admins have made up their mind.

 Thanks for all your cooperation and support throughout the reset.